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NOWA Waterless Urinals Powered by Zerodor ™

Micronel Global Engineers Pvt Ltd is a sole distributor of “NOWA” - Waterless Urinals, a GREEN product, powered by Zerodor™.

  • NOWA waterless Urinals saves between 56800 to 170000 liters of water per Urinal per year
  • Uses odor trap, a mechanical device, called ZERODOR™, which does not require replaceable parts or consumables resulting in low maintenance costs as compared to other solutions in the market such as sealant liquid traps, membrane traps and biological blocks.
  • The Zerodor™, odor trap can also be retrofitted to the existing traps (Waste Coupling).
  • Zerodor™ fitted waterless urinals will prevent odor developed inside the drainage lines connected to urinals from entering restrooms.
  • This is a low cost solution for mass scale provision of Urinals, most suitable for parks, roadside sites, schools, institutions and individual homes.

Micronel supplies the entire set of waterless urinals, which includes waterless urinal pans, Zerodor™ trap with fittings or retrofit the Zerodor™ trap with your existing trap. 

We also provide solutions for cleaning and maintenance of waterless urinals and recycling of urine.


Why go waterless?



No fresh water pipes

Saves money, material and labour

No flushing mechanism

Touch-free hygienic operation

No mechanical or electrical parts

No cost on mechanical parts and timers

No water needed

Maximum water savings (20%-30% of total consumption)

Reduces Waste

Less waste released into treatment process

Fibre glass or vitreous China construction

Durable and easy to handle for installation

Ease of cleaning

Atomizer bottle with biodegradable cleaner


Saving on air fresheners and perfumed tablets

Waterless Public Urinals and Green Waterless Urinals

Waterless Public Urinal Kiosk (WPUK) is a pre-fabricated concrete men’s urinal kiosk surrounded by a planted hedge to offer privacy to users. This hedge can be replaced by a billboard to provide revenue for maintenance of the urinal. So far, WPUK has not been installed in public places in India. WPUK is suitable for parks, roadside sites, schools, institutions and individual homes.

Green Waterless Urinals (GWU) is a low cost option that can be promoted in public places and locations where there is space for the onsite distribution of urine collected to plant beds. Urine collected is diverted to plant beds of Canna Indica surrounded by a plant hedge like Ficus around the urinal to provide privacy. The plants utilize essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphate and potassium from the urine for their growth. GWU is suitable for parks, roadside sites schools, institutions and individual homes.

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